YouTuber Posts Road Trip Announcement Just Weeks Before Devastating Car Wreck

On October 3rd 2016, YouTuber Ashton Murdock filmed a video sharing with her viewers her plan for the year ahead, including a road trip she would be taking with her friends.

Weeks later, on November 19th, Murdock posted an update video titled “I Had My Leg Amputated“, in which she describes the events of the near-fatal car wreck that led to the loss of her leg.

The video has clocked in over 880,000 views and has spread via social sharing site Reddit.

“We were on a road trip, driving nonstop from Philly to San Francisco” she writes in the video’s description. “When we reached Utah we got in a bad wreck that caused me to break my leg. In the hospital I bled out twice, died once, and had my leg amputated. Prayers/healing energy/witchcraft is greatly appreciated.”

In her previous video, in which she announces her road trip, Murdock talks hopefully about her plan for the upcoming year, “this is my current plan for the next year, which will almost definitely change”, she says, eerily unaware of the significance of those words. “For the next few months, I will be going on a road trip with my friend Ryan”.

A month later, Murdock posted a video announcing that her leg had been amputated.

“You might remember I was on a road trip… well, we were kind of in a rush”.

She then goes on to explain the circumstances of the crash. Murdock admits that her seat did not have a seatbelt and she was not wearing one at the time of the accident. “I was thrown from the vehicle, through the window.”

Comments of support have flooded the video’s comment section, “it’s so sad and scary your life can change so quickly” someone wrote.

As of 2019, Murdock continues to upload YouTube videos in which she talks about her life and interests, while also sharing her passion for music.