What is the Kundalini?

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The word Kundalini—sounds like it could be describing a mysterious temple hidden for thousands of years. Increasingly, in modern times eastern spirituality has gained interest worldwide, but in doing so the cultural differences can be easily mistranslated through commercialism.

The Kundalini is a mysterious subject that I find quite fascinating, so I thought I would write an article to introduce and explain this significant spiritual practice.

The Kundalini is an ancient Sanskrit word used to describe the divine feminine life force energy hidden inside our bodies. It is usually symbolised by a sleeping, curled snake located at the base of our spine.

The aim of Kundalini is to “wake up” this subtle life force energy through techniques and energy practices. As the practice progresses, the energy uncurls and travels up the spine releasing energy as it passes through the 7 chakras (see glossary) to achieve a spiritual awakening. It could be thought of as charging up the electromagnetic field of your body as a form of energy release.

Activation of the Kundalini is primarily made possible through a combination of meditation, yoga poses, breathing exercises and mantras. 

How to activate it

Kundalini Yoga combines yoga and meditation to gradually build up life force energy. Yoga poses are used to stretch the body making it flexible, clearing out energy blockages and relaxing the body so this energy can travel up the spine.

Deep breathing through the nostrils feeds prana (life-force energy) to the nadis which will aid the body into a state where the energy ‘snake’ will rise. The meditation works by the practitioner focuses their full intent on each chakra and their elements as well as their specific qualities, while reciting the mantras of the chakra relevant to that stage. Imagination is used to visualise an inner fire within the body getting hotter as the snake rises through the chakras.

Slowly and patiently, the energy rises up the spine all the way to the top of the head resulting in a spiritual awakening.

The different parts of the Kundalini

Snake symbolWhy a snake? Snakes shedding their skin are said to be a symbol of rebirth, in this sense the outcome of Kundalini is a rebirth of the soul.
NadisNadi’s – Nadi’s are energy channels that allow vital life-force energy known as “prana” to travel up and down the body and through the 7 chakras.The Ida and Pingala Nadis are connected to the nostrils and receive their life force energy through deep breathing through the nostrils.
IdaLocated on the left side of the body connected to the left nostril, represented by the moon and the feminine aspects of life such as our emotions, our mood and our feelings about life. When this channel becomes too strong fatigue, moodiness, depression and introversion can take over.
Pingala The right side of the body connected to the right nostril, represented by the sun symbolizing the masculine aspects of life. Logic, rationalization and analytics. When this Nadi is overstimulated there can be trouble with insomnia, anxiousness and impulsiveness.
SushumnaThe center of the body. It passes deep rooted spiritual energy to flow from the base of the spine through the chakras up to the top of the head. This Nadi only works when both the pingala and ida nadis are balanced in their intake of oxygen.
The Seven Chakras The Seven Chakras – Energy centers located along the body corresponding to a color or ray of light, each chakra specifies in certain areas or perceptions of human life such as connection to the environment, self acceptance, relationships, sex, love, speech and even psychic awareness.
Glossary of terms

Why activate it?

Practitioners and advocates of the Kundalini yoga methods believe that having all 7 chakras flowing and operating in harmony is said to greatly expand our conscious awareness, giving ourselves balance in life and enables us to keep in touch with different aspects of our life in a balanced and harmonious way.

This puts us in line with our potential and our purpose in life, increasing our awareness, giving a sense of oneness and peace which builds confidence in the practitioner going forward in life.

 Spiritual evolution is quite a mysterious and a deeply personal concept. Obviously, there isn’t a literal snake inside the body—Kundalini yoga is best considered a metaphor for concentrating our inner feelings and using our imagination to explore and heal ourselves.

Kundalini yoga is a spiritual practice that involves focusing on each of the chakras and filling them with intent, emotions and the qualities they represent. This spiritual practice combines mind, body and spirit into one, with the goal of achieving a spiritual awakening.

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